Hi, I’m Ulysses,

I am a front-end web developer, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript as main languages. Graduated in Product Design by Puc-Rio in 2020. Currently, developing personal projects and responsive websites, using React, React-Native, Redux, GIT, GitHub, NPM, Bootstrap and jQuery.

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My Projects:

Incomefy - Extra Income App

The app allows the user to publish products and services, search them and reorder product listings. Local state storage managed with Redux Persist. Layout CSS developed with Styled-Components.

Tech Stack

My Habits - Create new habits

Use of DOM manipulation to know how many objects to generate and display on screen. To create new habits, the user fills a form. Data is stored locally, and it is not lost after the page is closed.

Tech Stack

Memory Game

Classes and SRC attributes are used, with transitions and sound to flip the cards. The game creates a random array of cards. Then, after each click, compares the card shown against the previous.

Tech Stack

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